LogiMAT - PAL 23

LOGIMAT 2020: The next champion

MIAS presents the new stacker crane series PAL 23

In 2019 MIAS presented the new Miniload stacker crane series AKL, this year the next new development follows: The PAL stacker crane series is a completely redesigned generation of stacker cranes for pallets.

The series starts with the device PAL 23, which promises maximum efficiency for automated warehouses with devices with a height of 23 to 30 m. With a weight reduction of up to 20% compared to the current series, the PAL 23 scores with sustainability and energy consumption.

During development, particular attention was paid to service life. A new type of rope drive with a large deflection pulley extends the lifespan of these components. The screwed guide rail makes replacement easier and the pre-tensioned guide roller enables easy and precise adjustment and smoother running.

PAL 23 — MIAS’ new stacker crane series for pallets


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