General Terms & Conditions

Quality and reliability matter to us. That’s why MIAS hugely values partnership, fairness and transparency. Below you will find a brief overview of important points for your purchase from MIAS. Please remember to look at the document that is applicable to your area.

GT&Cs german (MIAS GmbH, PDF, 188kB)

GT&Cs english (MIAS GmbH, PDF, 205kB)

Terms & Conditions of Purchasing german (MIAS GmbH, PDF, 221kB)

Terms & Conditions of Purchasing english (MIAS GmbH, PDF, 283kB)

Terms & Conditions of Purchasing english (MIAS Hungary Kft., PDF, 235 kB)

Supplier Code of Conduct german (MIAS GmbH, PDF, 1,5 MB)

Supplier Code of Conduct english (MIAS GmbH, PDF, 1,5MB)