General Terms & Conditions

Quality and reliability matter to us. That’s why MIAS hugely values partnership, fairness and transparency. Below you will find a brief overview of important points for your purchase from MIAS. Please remember to look at the document that is applicable to your area.

GT&Cs german (MIAS GmbH, PDF, 188kB)

GT&Cs english (MIAS GmbH, PDF, 205kB)

Terms & Conditions of Purchasing german (MIAS GmbH, PDF, 221kB)

Terms & Conditions of Purchasing english (MIAS GmbH, PDF, 283kB)

Terms & Conditions of Purchasing english (MIAS Hungary Kft., PDF, 235 kB)

Supplier Code of Conduct german (MIAS, PDF, 970 KB)

Supplier Code of Conduct english (MIAS, PDF, 982 kB) 

Supplier Code of Conduct hungarian (MIAS, PDF, 977 kB)