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Like all machines and systems, the mechanical and moving components of intralogistical parts also suffer wear.

MIAS comes up with innovative solutions in retrofit projects, to make your system high-performing, efficient, future-proof and highly available once more.

Retrofit load handling devices
Retrofit load handling devices

Is your MIAS load handling attachment showing its age? Replacement isn’t the only way. With expert repair and reconditioning, many load handling attachments can be made fit for many years to come. This is how we do it:

  • Actual wear analysis of the unit
  • Report compilation
  • Cost estimate for repair work
  • Replacement of all wearing parts and faulty components such as guide rollers, guide rails, leaf chains, drive chains, gear components, chain adjusters, path measuring systems, bear-ings
  • Test to ensure the reconditioned system is state of the art
  • 12-month warranty for factory repairs
  • For several load handling attachments, old parts can be swapped for good ones (an addi-tional load handling attachment is required)


The advantages for you

  • Fixed price for peace of mind
  • Allows you to plan ahead
  • Higher availability and longer service life
  • Saves resources
Retrofit stacker crane
Retrofit stacker crane

Is your storage system showing its age? As an expert in stacker cranes, with targeted modernization we can optimize existing systems at low cost regardless of the manufacturer, and make them fit for the future. Refitting is carried out in the shortest possible time, ensuring you a smooth transition without significant downtime. What’s more, you will once again be able to obtain spare parts for your system.

MIAS analyzes the actual condition of the equipment, draws up a retrofit quotation for replacing or reconditioning the components that require it, and flags up possible potential for optimization.

With most systems, use of the ARATEC system makes it possible to increase throughput and minimize wear.


MIAS also provides services such as grinding the guide rail and track rails.
To do this, MIAS performs a situation analysis on-site, including an assessment of the rail condition, conducts a feasibility test to assist with decision-making, and suggests recommendations for improving hoisting unit guidance and running characteristics.
Naturally, when the work is complete we perform checks and test drives.


The first step towards optimizing actual system behavior in real-life operation is the motion analysis. This graphically analyzes current speed and motion profiles, because real-life behavior often differs from the machine model set in the PLC or converter. The analysis also enables us to verify potential optimizations beforehand. The documented results of this analysis demonstrate how use of the ARATEC positioning system optimizes travel profiles and motion sequences, eliminates traveling at creep speed, compensates for oscillations and shortens cycle times. Successful implementation of the ARATEC positioning system increases your throughput, minimizes wear and optimizes energy use. The system can be installed and brought into service in just a few hours.

ARATEC highlights

  • Fully automatic identification of ideal travel profiles and controller parameters
  • Oscillation compensation
  • Travel profiles are optimized for time and distance
  • Mechanical stress is reduced by up to 40%, resulting in lower energy consumption
  • Throughput is increased by up to 33%
  • Real-time, closed-loop positioning control

You can see how the ARATEC positioning system works in this video.


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