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All-round support goes without saying.

The complete MIAS portfolio also includes a professional after sales service.

Every day, we work to impress our customers and partners with our service. Our performance is what makes customers recommend MIAS to others, strengthening our market position for the long term.


MIAS inspects and assesses the system’s mechanical components. Based on these test results, you will be given information on any damages or risks. This enables you to nip problems in the bud proactively and in good time.

  • Qualified information about current system status
  • Risks and problems are flagged up
  • You can plan maintenance work better and reduce repair costs
  • Easier to budget
  • Avoid downtimes

… extends the life of your system.

Qualified, experienced and committed MIAS engineers are specialists in the maintenance of both in-house and third-party systems, and ensure long-term and efficient operation. We strive to ensure lasting high availability and value retention.

Spare parts
Spare parts

Even small parts can have a big impact if they are no longer working. Reliable system operation is ensured by a rapid reaction and a high level of specialist expertise. That’s why speed and quality matter when it comes to service.

  • When we configure your spare parts package, MIAS also provides advice on your individual risk profile
  • MIAS uses only high-quality genuine parts
  • Spare parts are available for both MIAS and third-party systems
  • If you wish, we can provide individually manufactured spare parts
UVV (accident prevention regulations) inspection
UVV (accident prevention regulations) inspection

According to the BGV (German institution for statutory accident insurance and prevention), stacker crane systems must undergo an annual inspection in accordance with the UVV (German accident prevention regulations). This aims to ensure the safety of both people and machinery. We will be happy to monitor the timely performance of this inspection.

Our portfolio also includes optional inspections of ladders, arresters and fall prevention PPE.

UVV Plakette


Oil analysis

  • The gear oil analysis of hoist drives and drive units provides important information on the wear condition of the transmission
  • The results from the analysis enable the risk of failure to be calculated and therefore re-duced
  • Damage that is invisible from the outside can be discovered before a sudden failure
  • The history of the analytical data for each device flags up any urgent need for action
  • System availability is improved
  • High costs, e.g. caused by emergency deployments, are prevented

Motion analysis

  • We recommend motion analysis as the first step for assessing the potential of a retrofit project to optimize your system. This establishes the potential of the ARATEC positioning system to increase throughput and minimize wear, and therefore determines its cost effi-ciency
  • You can see how the ARATEC positioning system works in this video.

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