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Designed for special challenges.

Heavy and super-heavy loads represent a particular challenge for stacker cranes in terms of materials and design. MIAS heavy-duty stacker cranes have been designed specifically for this purpose. As well as offering the essential static and dynamic stability, our stacker cranes are designed to meet the industry’s special requirements, such as in the steel industry or the timber trade, for example. Heavy-duty stacker cranes are designed to be robust and operationally reliable for use in the toughest conditions.

Bulky and heavy goods

Efficient and gentle transport

Operational reliability becomes even more important when you are moving extreme weights and volumes.

With MIAS, a single tine can handle standard working loads of up to 40 tons, as already proven many times. But dynamics haven’t been forgotten. MIAS designs machines that have shifted 11 tones at 210 m/min, for example. In this high-performance environment, in particular, perfectly harmonized stacker cranes and load handling attachments are critical for success. And MIAS is your one-stop shop for both these items.

Highlights of the stacker crane shown:

  • Height: 31m
  • Payload: up to 12t
  • Four lifting drives for the lifting frame
  • Weight (total): 92t
  • Speed (x): 120m/min
  • Acceleration (x): 0,3m/s²
Control from cabin
Control from cabin

Complete operation from the cab on the lifting frame is possible at any time.

optimal surface pressure
optimal surface pressure

That is stable: impellers with a diameter of 1000mm optimize the surface pressure.

vibrations minimized
vibrations minimized

Vibrations minimized: large rails and wide rail head.

Four lifting drives
Four lifting drives

Perfect interaction: two lifting drives on each side with up to 20m/min and acceleration of 0.15m/ s² lift the load quickly and safely.

Gruppe: Parallax

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