Multifunctional pallet stacker cranes


The requirements define the technology.

Pallets have been an integral part of logistics for over 50 years, and they are the most commonly used load carrier in high rise storage facilities. MIAS has worked to ensure the reliable storage and retrieval of pallets in automated systems for decades now. Your required throughput determines the dynamics of the stacker crane, and therefore which specific load handling attachment from our diverse range needs to be used. Whatever your requirements – one or two load handling attachments, single or double-deep, with additional conveyor and inclination unit – the design is determined by you!

PAL 23


The new PAL 23 is designed for heights between 23 m and 30 m and reaches speeds of up to 240 m/min during travel and 120 m/min during lifting.
Due to a weight reduction of up to 20 percent compared to the current series and a tapered mast design, PAL 23 scores particularly well in terms of resource efficiency and reduced energy consumption.

A new type of rope drive with a large deflection pulley extends the service life of the components, reducing maintenance requirements. The bolted guide rail facilitates replacement and the pretensioned guide roller enables easy and precise adjustment, which has a positive effect on running.
The new development is designed for payloads of up to 1,500 kg for single-depth applications and 1,250 kg for double-depth applications.
The acceleration values are between 0.5 m/s² and 1 m/s².

After the introduction of the PAL 23 units, the series will be successively extended to all configurations from 10 m to 45 m.

Pallet stacker cranes from MIAS

MIAS has led the field for decades and is a constant in the industry. There are scarcely any pallet applications that have not been moved by MIAS stacker cranes. Our load handling attachments from our own production lines achieve perfect harmony in combination with our fully in-house produced stacker cranes.
Having access to this one-stop shop gives you a massive advantage in expertise.
Whether you need single-mast devices with two load handling attachments for double-deep loading or with gear drive, triple-deep storage using telescopic forks or multiple-depth storage with a shuttle - MIAS is the right partner for your project.


Turbo stacker crane

The gear drive is used for pallet stacker cranes that need to be high-powered over short distances. Extreme acceleration and braking combined with precise positioning are the strengths of the Turbo stacker crane.

Higher throughput thanks to acceleration of up to 3m/s2 and enhanced operational reliability with positive-locking power transmission. This technology also causes wheels and rails to wear less quickly, increasing their service life.

Single-mast device with 2 load handling attachments

MIAS has been helping its customers out with its single-mast device with two load handling attachments since 1987. The single-mast unit has an almost unbeatable price/performance ratio, especially at heights of over 20 m. Each load handling attachment of the device can store and retrieve up to 1,200 kg, and its parallel method of operation puts it far ahead of conventional units.

Deep-freeze stacker crane

MIAS is your expert for stacker cranes for frozen and refrigerated products. In recent years, MIAS has installed over 100 devices in environments with temperatures from -30°C to +5°C – including in Europe’s largest cold storage facility (40 m high).

The parts under the highest stress are manufactured from special steel that boasts a long service life even in the most extreme conditions. The compact design enables optimum approach dimensions and maximizes use of the available space. Specially insulated and heated control cabinets are used in the device, to prevent condensation inside the housing and ensure optimum availability.

Shuttle stacker cranes

MIAS shuttle stacker cranes are the ideal solution for channel storage systems.
At MIAS, the shuttle has undergone a complete revamp: the power is now supplied by PowerCaps, making them cordless.

Gruppe: Parallax

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